.Academy domain signifies educational body or institute. So when you see a domain name ending with .ACADEMY you already know the most likely contents of such page. This makes it perfect for websites that is dedicated to education, such as ,College or University Faculty pages, Alumni Website, Educational blogs, examination portal, online courses, etc.

For Alumni Website

Talk about past achievements of the school and future contributions to be made. Also an avenue to reunite with old friends.

For Examination Portal

The .ACADEMY domain extension is perfect for websites dedicated to registration for exams and checking of results

For Faculty Pages

Display information particular and specific to the faculty. Such as funding, past alumni, courses offered e.t.c on the .ACADEMY domain extension.

For Education blogs

For blogs that write about the latest news, such as when a school will start admission, cut off marks e.t.c Having a .ACADEMY domain name makes it easy to reach the right audience. Also you can create a blog on the .ACADEMY domain extension for your school or university, to discuss things, latest news, trending campus topics, etc.

For the online courses site

Give all interested the opportunity to learn a new profession without leaving the comfort of their home on your .ACADEMY domain website.

For student groups and projects

Create, learn, and promote science using a domain in the .ACADEMY extension.

For what is suitable?
  • Educational
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