With the recent box office releases actors and actress are making history for themselves with a whole lot of money as the perfect reward, e.g. Dwayne Johnson earns about $64 million annually alone just from acting. Which shows acting is not a small deal at all. Register .ACTOR domain name to showcase your portfolio, past movie roles, and current project you are working on.

For an online portfolio of actors

Your web address ending in .ACTOR will help you showcase your creativity and communicate with fans more conveniently. In addition, it will be much easier for scouting agencies to find you.

For fan sites

You get to create a website or blog that discusses about the life of your favorite actor or actress. Publish articles, photos, videos and communicate with other fans.

For sites of companies that teach acting skills

The .ACTOR domain name is an excellent solution for school owners and courses that teach acting skills. With it, you can draw additional attention to your site, and, as a result, find more students.

For what is suitable?
  • Arts & Culture
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