When you come across anything that is tagged Adult on the internet it signifies sexual explicit contents.Currently  the sex toys industry estimated worth is about fifteen billion dollar, which is projected to be worth about fifty billion come 2020. This means there is money to be made in the adult industry.
The .ADULT domain extension is aimed at website with sexual and adult related contents, especially, ecommerce stores, blogs and online magazines.
Web addresses with such a domain extension allow you to clearly position the project and accurately indicate to users that the content of the site is designed for an adult Internet audience.

For Adult online stores

Stumbling across an online store into sales of sex toys, adult books, adult videos and audio content, without previous warnings or inclination of what the store is about, can be troubling. Especially if you are in a work environment. Save people the trouble and embarrassment and register an .ADULT domain for your adult store.

For media houses and studios creating adult content

You get to release your project directly on your website and be able to promote them directly from your own personal pages without additional cost.

For photographers

The .ADULT domain will also be a good choice for photographers specializing in explicit photo shoots.

For what is suitable?
  • Adult
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