For musical bands

Popular musical bands have being known to attain near godlike status in the mind of their fans. With the help of the internet musical bands can now achieve this status with hard work and dishing out good music online easier than in the past. As a musical band you can buy and use the .BAND domain for the purpose of improving your online identity.

For musical bands gig website

Events and parties will always take place, so the need for entertainers will most likely never dwindle really. A website dedicated to finding jobs and gigs for musical bands can also enjoy from the use of the .BAND domain extension. It will be a perfect fit for the website.

For rubber and elastic bands manufacturers and sellers

Rubber and elastic bands sellers could also make use of the .BAND domain ending to bring their business online. It will also give you a perfect avenue to add some creativity to your domain name, since it is more likely that your company name already has the word "band" in it.

For what is suitable?
  • Media & Music
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