- The average Czech resident consumes 148 liters of beer per year.

Beer is one of the oldest drinks that have existed for more than 5 thousand years.
.BEER domain registration will allow everyone with interest in beer to create a recognizable website dedicated to whichever way they are connected to this ancient drink.

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Get the chance to talk about your beer brand, it’s quality, reviews, ingredients on your website with .BEER domain. Also you get to connect with potential large scale buyers and distributors, with your contact page.

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Provide your customers to see why you have the hottest joint in town; see the quality of service and atmosphere and what beers are available. Let your name reflect your bar with a .beer domain.

For connoisseurs of beer

Share your reviews from tasting new varieties of beers and tell us about your favorite beer brands. Also you get to create a customer based voting page for the best kind of beers.


For what is suitable?
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