For sport betting sites​​.

The .BET domain is the perfect web address for any sport betting website. Speak of something being made for each other and then you talk of those two

entities. Using a .BET domain for your sport betting site will not only make you stand out but allow you to have a shorter address with memorable names.

For sport betting tips website

If you are really good at picking the right games and betting odds, then you can make money for yourself and everyone subscribed to your sport betting

list. That way even if you are on a losing streak and everyone is losing money, you will still be making money. To kick start your sport betting tips website,


you can start by first registering a .BET domain.


For online casinos

Casinos are where you go to bet all your money and hope to win big money. Without people coming in to bet at a casino, the casino cannot make any

money. So using every means to attract active gamblers to come and bet in the casinos is the main aim of the house. Casino betting also is no longer

limited offline. A lot of casinos have brought their business online also. A casino website using a .BET domain extension for it website will attract more

visitors than one with a generic domain extension.

For sport betting forums A sport betting forum brings people interested in a single or many sporting activity understand one platform, to discuss various ways they all can profit from this sporting activities. Using a .BET extension for such a forum will help to align the forum with it main focus.

For what is suitable?
  • Sports
  • Hobbies & Games
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