For bidding website

On bidding website people are made to bid against each other for a particular goods or service. That way everyone has a chance to buy those goods as

long as you can afford it. It also shows the extent to which people are willing to spend to get their hands on those goods. Using a .BID domain for such a

website fit perfectly well with the overall focus of the website.

For forex and stock brokers

Ask and bid price are something every financial market trade is familiar with. A .BID domain uses by a broker will only be capitalizing on that familiarity.

Plus it is a perfect avenue to have a very catchy name for your business. Eg FIREFXASK.BID, BINARYASK.BID.

For personal auctioning website

Do you have some products you no longer have use for or just some old collections that is now scarce and expensive. Then creating your own personal

bidding website using a .BID zone will help you achieve that easily and it will also give your control over your product and cut out middlemen expenses.

For what is suitable?
  • Shopping
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