- Vantablack - the most "black" substance in the world, absorbing up to 99.965% of radiation in the visible spectrum.

Black is one of the most mysterious colors that some eastern peoples associate with good, clean and perfect, and in marketing is used to refer to products and services of premium level.

For companies

Black color is a synonym for style, elegance and success. Run products designed for a premium audience in the .BLACK domain.

For magic and voodoo shops

You get to teach magic and voodoo charms and prayers on your website on a .BLACK domain.

For fans of black humor

Do you like cynical and evil jokes and want to share them with the whole Internet? So, the .BLACK domain is created for you!

For fans of the musical style of black metal

This aggressive Norwegian music style has thousands of fans all over the world, and they definitely will like the .BLACK domain.

For gothic style fashion stores and blogs

Black is one of the colors that never go out of style. For stores dedicated to gothic style of dressing, which is mainly black color themed, having you website in the .BLACK domain will be very classy and definitely catchy

For blackhat hacking website

Teach the principles of black hat hacking on your website to beginners as well as profession. Register .BLACK domain name to pick mysterious and very catchy name for your website. Presentation is everything!


For what is suitable?
  • Color
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