-Royal Blue is one of the main colors of the flags of the USA, Great Britain, Australia and Norway.

Blue — a color that symbolizes purity, calmness, the sky, oceans or seas. Thanks to this .BLUE domain is suitable for a company or an organization of the broadest profile.

For companies producing drinking water

As the ocean is blue and so is the sky. All this signifies purity. In other words blue can also stand for something clean and pure. Using this beautiful and unusual domain to promote your goods and enter new markets strongly. Buy your .BLUE domain extension now before your name gets taken.

For oceanographers

Document your voyages and researches on the deep blue sea on your website registered with a .BLUE domain extension.

For specialized travel agencies

Does your travel agency specialize in organizing blue sea voyage? Then the .BLUE ending seems like the perfect fit for your website.


For what is suitable?
  • Color
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