For cab riding services

Owning a cab riding services has proven to be a very lucrative business for companies like Uber and Taxify. There is no harm in starting your own cab

business. Just employ the service of willing drivers and your have yourself a company. Since it is very rare to find a business that doesn't require an online

presence. Using a .CAB domain for your cab business site will be unique and people appreciate uniqueness above anything.

For CAB drivers

Do you specialize in private cab hiring service I.e. you get booked before you leave your garage and not just roaming around till you find a customer? Then

you need to project your business and attract more attention to your business using the Internet. Registering a .CAB domain will be the perfect way to do


For CAB insurance services

Taxis and cab are much more exposed to both minor and major accident than a normal private car. Any insurance company taking care of cabs should

make it clear by making sure to buy a .CAB domain name for its business page.

For CAB sales outlets

There are special cars which are designated for cabs depending on the location. The most common feature found on this type of vehicle is it ability to save

fuel and speed. If your car sales shop deals in the sales of this type of cars then using a .CAB ending for your business page will help to project your

business further. And attract the right type of customer.

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