To start a business or any venture, capital is paramount. Which mostly in form liquid cash.

For Venture Capitalists

Providing financial supports for business in return for a certain percentage of that business has made some people very rich. Becoming a venture capitalist just requires you to have the right eyes for a profitable business and also some money to start with. A website will also help to attract potential business owners and also allow them to pitch you their ideas easily. Registering the website domain name with .CAPITAL will just prove that you mean business and also increase your credibility.

For business consultancy agency.

Majority of new business always face the problem of funding. Some agencies are dedicated to helping such businesses source for funds. If you run an agency similar to this or you intend on using your connections as an avenue to run this sort of business. Then it is important that you create a website for easy advertisements online. Since you are all about sourcing for business capital. A .CAPITAL domain seems like the perfect fit for your venture.

For tour services and agency.

Make it clear that your tour service is based in the capital of the government body of the region and no other place when you buy a .CAPITAL extension for your website.

For entrepreneur blogs and website.

Write about various ways intending entrepreneurs can source for funds and develop their business on a blog registered with a .CAPITAL domain.

For what is suitable?
  • Financial
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