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Quality employees are the driving force behind any good business growth. Monitoring the quality of application your get among other factors is paramount to the success of your business. Posting you jobs offer on your company website directly will allow you to do a proper monitoring. Using a .CAREER domain to denote this job page will make it easy for everyone to access such page.


For job listing portals

List jobs across different industries and level on your website rather than just targeting a specific industry will really aid in improving your website traffic and engagement also. This means you need to make pick a more general domain name for this purpose. And nothing is more general for a job portal than a .CAREER domain ending.

For Career blog

For does hoping to climb higher in their career path, they know it takes a lot of preparation to achieve that. And this is why we have career blogs and website that deals in career talks. They help to give advice on various ways to climb the career ladder swiftly. If you own one of this career blogs. They you shouldn't need much convincing before you register a .CAREER domain extension for your blog.

For Resume, CV and Cover letter template

Sometimes you need to template your own design after some other person's own. Same goes for resumes and cover letters. Using a .CAREER domain name for your CV template downloading website will perfectly fit well into the overall dynamics.

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