For event caterers

Event caterers deal with taking care of all things pertaining to that event, most especially the food aspect of the event. Event planning has grown to become a very lucrative business endeavour over time. People now go to schools and vocational centers to learn this wonderful profession. You can further advance your business when you bring it online using a .CATERING domain name. By that people will be able to reach you and the number game will surely be in your favour.

For babies day caring service

Babies need constant minding and attentions and most working class parents won't be able to provide this sort of care to them. This is why we have day caring service catering to the needs of these beautiful babies. A day care center can also make use of this unique domain name to bring their service online. The purpose of this .CARE domain is to show that the center does mean business when it comes to catering to your children.

For chefs and cook

Naturally when you hear the word catering what comes to mind is foods, i.e does in charge of cooking for an event or party. A chef or cook can also enjoy the misinformation surrounding the word and play it all to their own strength when they buy a .CATERING domain extension for their device website.

For what is suitable?
  • Food & Drink
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