The .CD domain name is originally meant to serve as the country code Top level domain for the Republic of Congo, but due to it being an abbreviation for compact disc, the domain is popular thus having more economical value.

Buying the .CD will be more efficient for doing business in the promising Congolese market.

For compact disk sellers and makers

Businesses into sales and making of compact disk can make use of the .CD domain name to their advantage, since the domain name abbreviates what their business is truly all about. Websites into sales and download of digital contents such as music and videos can also enjoy the use of this extension.

For travel agencies

Bring more customers to your company using the .CD for your website.

You get to make arrangement for people wishing to visit Congo through your site by using the .CD domain ending. Such arrangements may include flight booking, hotel booking, chauffeur, etc.

For business

A site with the .CD domain will tell local residents, the search engines and other online business directories where you are based. It is also an avenue to connect with the local resident of Congo.

For bloggers

You get to feed us firsthand information about happenings, major news and gist about Congo. And maybe some interesting places and food foreign visitors should give a try with pictures and videos.

For city media

Tell the people of Congo the latest events and important incidents in the city with your website on a .CD domain.

Quick facts

- The Democratic republic of Congo is also known as Zaire. - Located in central Africa.

- It’s the second largest country in Africa and the largest in sub-saharan Africa by area.

- It has a population of 78 million which makes it the most populated officially francophone country.

For what is suitable?
  • Regional
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