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HUB8 is a leading domain registrar that gives its clients cheap domain name registration and also ensures standard domain name management.

Domain names typically points to a website, email addresses or other useful web services. It can be a combination of letters and numbers. It varies across different zones with the most popular domain zone being the .COM domain. Other domain zones includes .org, .net, .info, .uk, .ng, and so on. Domain zones can be used for general purposes such as .com and .xyz. There are also country specific domain zones such as .NG for Nigeria, .CO.KE for Kenya and .GH for Ghana.

Registering a Domain name is the first step in having an online presence for your business or service. Domain registration gives you the right to reserve a name on the web for a period of time, usually from one year. It is important to choose a name that stands out and fits your brand or any service you render.

The price of a domain name varies across different zones, it is of no use to buy a domain for a very high price except you are buying an already existing domain name when you can buy cheap domain names.

We offer cheap domain name registration with additional free privacy protection and SSL Certificates.

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