For church website

The .CHURCH domain name is purely aimed at churches and everything related to it. A church website contains various information pertaining to the church. This information may include the donations bank information, head of church contact details, church programs arrangement etc.


For various church groups

There a various groups and unit in a church, and each of these units have its own specific role and function in the church. A website dedicated to each unit will list the important of each one and may include the list of each unit members. Such a website page could also benefit from using the .CHURCH domain extension.

For People with CHURCH as their family name

The word “CHURCH” has also being known to be some folk’s family name. If your family name is church you also get to as use of the .CHURCH domain ending for your family website. Where you list every member of the family and pass information across to every member of the family easily.


For what is suitable?
  • Organization
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