For unclaimed entitlement websites

It is highly recommended that a public avenue for people to check if they have some sort unclaimed entitlement is being created and accessible to the

general public. A website registered with a .CLAIMS domain name will be a perfect avenue to achieve that goal. So if your government or organization owes

entitlement that has gone unclaimed posting them on this website will help it reach the closet possible family who deserves the entitlement.

For lost and found website

People loss thing everyday and people also find lost items everyday. A lost and found website will be a perfect avenue for this that has lost an item to check

if anyone has posted about this item on the website. That way they can easily claim their lost items back without much hassle. A lost and found website can

also enjoy from the use of this unique .CLAIMS domain extension.

For human right activist website

Not knowing your right can really cost you a lot in life. And this is why we now have a lot of human right activist in the world, helping people claim what is

rightfully theirs. You could also start your own human right organization and advertise your service online through your website registered on a .CLAIMS

domain zone.

For what is suitable?
  • Financial
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