For clinics websites

Clinic can now bring their businesses online and be ahead if the competition. The online presence will buy you the attention your business needs from potential patience. The location or even the overall scenery of a clinic could play a lot of role in it being visited by patient with choice. So create a beautiful website and promote your clinic on a .CLINIC domain name.

For online nurses and doctors Questions and answers website

Some patient questions don't need diagnoses at all. If you are a medical professional you could easily create a website dedicated to answering such type of question for a small fee maybe. You could make use of a .CLINIC domain name for this type of website, as what you are doing even though not to intensive as a normal clinic that can run a physical tests and diagnoses, you are still offering the clinic experience. The website could also be a perfect avenue to refer people to some selected clinics you have links with.

For medical forums

Forums focuses on medicals related studies, diagnoses or treatment can also benefit from the use of the .CLINIC extension for it website. The domain name will help to also add some sort of credibility to the forum which will further attract more professionals in the field.

For medical clinics job portals

Job portals dedicated to posting clinical related jobs can make use of the .CLINIC ending for it website. Using this domain name will make it clear that your website is just all about clinical relates jobs and nothing else.

For what is suitable?
  • Businesses
  • Health & Fitness
  • Services
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