- Dropbox, one of the largest and most popular cloud storage, was created by two students in 2007. Today, the company's capitalization exceeds 10 billion dollars.

- T-Mobile, HP and Mosaic companies use Microsoft Azure cloud platform as their site.

Cloud technology, along with Big Data and AI.

Cloud is one of the hottest trends of the last decade in the IT field.

.CLOUD domain will allow you to easily pick up this raising trend!

For cloud storage sites

Having a cloud based storage company means you are in competition with Dropbox or iCloud.

Your cloud storage website in the .CLOUD domain extension gets your feet in the door faster as you will need no introduction for your service.

For backup services

Use the .CLOUD web address and provide file backup services to companies and individuals.

Sites of cloud Related applications and software.

Provide an opportunity for users from all over the world to make use of your cloud based services with a .CLOUD domain.

For what is suitable?
  • Computers & Internet
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