- Lenovo is the largest computer manufacturer in the world.

- The first personal computer was released in 1975 by MITS and was called Altair-8800.

The word "computer" is understandable to most people, regardless of age or native language. Thanks to this, the .COMPUTER domain will be a good solution for both business representatives and individual enthusiasts who are fond of information technologies.

For manufacturers and distributors of computer equipment

Using a web address in the .COMPUTER extension for a computer manufacturer is by far the smartest move. It makes it easy to for customers to know what your website is all about even before visiting it.  

For repair shops

Use the .COMPUTER domain on your website to show case your computer skills and certification and also to acquire new customers and help in the repair of their computers and other equipment.

For specialized forums

A computer or Technology related forums makes it easy to communicate with like-minded people and share the experience of using different class and types of computer system. Having such forum in a .COMPUTER extension makes easy for the category of the forum to be identified.

For fans of computer technology

Write articles and make videos about the main trends in the world of computer technology.

For what is suitable?
  • Computers & Internet
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