For cricket equipment seller

Using the .CRICKET domain name for your cricket equipment sales business e-commerce store is a great way to shine the light on the fact that your product is all about cricketing and nothing else is sold in your store. Being focused on goods will make your store a powerhouse when it comes to that product and this translates into your having cheaper and more quality products. This usually translates into more sales and more customer base.

For cricket online forums and community

Forums that are built solely for the discussion of topic relating to cricket could also share the use of the .CRICKET domain extension. The domain will help signal to all cricket fans out there that your forum is a safe haven for them to discuss everything cricket related. Also it will help people remember your website name easily.

For cricket stars fan site

Cricket players with a fan site should definitely be using a .CRICKET domain for their fan sites. This is because they need to be tagged with the word "cricket" as much as possible. This way even if non fans of the sport stumble on the website they immediately will be able to identify what the website is all about.

For manufacturers of cricket equipment

Makers of cricket equipments needs to also advertise their business online, as people tend to buy a lot of things based on advert they have seen. Using the .CRICKET domain for your business website will help to push your brand as a go to for any cricket relates equipment. So do not waste time and register your brand name with a .CRICKET ending before it gets taken by your competitors.

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  • Hobbies & Games
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