At some point in every person life, you will definitely find someone you share a certain level of likeness with. This will lead to you being in a relationship with such person. Another word for relationship is dating.
So if your business or project has anything to do with dating. The .DATING domain is sure meant for you.

For dating sites

Dating apps and sites are big hits among individual of the younger demography. So creating a dating app or website will surely get noticed. Having your dating site with the .DATING domain name makes it easy for users to easily identify what your website is all about. The domain name will surely draw attention for a dating site than a normal generic name.

For marriage and match making agencies

For agencies that deal in fitting the right set of people together, in other words match making. Having your site with a .DATING domain name will further attract more potential client to your services.

For people in a relationship

Being in a sweet and good relationship brings out the creative and funny side of most people. Plus if the relationship is really good having a blog or website dedicated to such relationship, instead of paper journal will further cements that. The domain also allows for creativity in picking names e.g we-are.DATING.


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