For deals and discount website

Providing deals on products and service through your website could be very profitable and rewarding for everyone involved. A deal page will surely

guarantee that whatever you are getting is way cheaper than the original price. Using a .DEALS domain to denote such website will help to gain more traffic

to that website easily.

For internet marketing purposes

Using a .DEALS domain for your product page will automatically signal to visitors that whatever you are offering them is the cheapest they can find without

doing any due diligence on their own part.

For coupon listing pages

Is your website involved in posting various coupon codes across the internet for people to enjoy great deal on their purchases? Then you need to switch to

the use of .DEALS extension for such website if you haven't.

For contracts, terms and condition section of your website

Having a law bidding agreement is very important for any form of partnership. In this internet driven age, transparency is something that everyone is

clamouring for. Before you post anything online these days, it is usually agreed upon when you are signing up that you are responsible for whatever you

are posting. Make it easy for people interest to check out your terms and condition on your website by creating a special page on a .DEALS domain

dedicated to it.

For what is suitable?
  • Shopping
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