For online degree awarding courses

Does your online institutions offers online lectures and examination to people in exchange for a degree certificate? Make sure this is boldly stated by

buying a .DEGREE domain for your website, this way your institution won't be confused with one that doesn't offer certification since there are a lot of

those online.

For college and university school website

Degree certificate is very much associated with colleges and universities. Using the .DEGREE domain name for your school website will only help you to

separate your name from any other website or non educational entity sharing the same name as you. It is a very classy substitute for .EDU domain


For brand and business associated with the word "Degree"

If you brand is associated with the world degree. Examples includes; 360degree Media, 90°clothing etc then using the .DEGREE domain name will be a

perfect completion to your business website domain name. It will provide you with the chance to use a very short, memorable and concise domain name

for your business.

For science related forums and website

Using a .DEGREE domain extension for your science related website, especially mathematics, physics and chemistry will further place you right in front of

your target audiences with little effort. Just by viewing domain name students will be able to translate what your website is all about quickly.

For what is suitable?
  • Educational
Related domain zones
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