For dental Clinics

Tooth hygiene campaigns and products has become a thing of important recently and a lot of people now make sure their tooth's are working perfectly fine at all time.

Dental clinics can now bring their campaign online also and attract the right set of audience to the business. With the increase in development of advertising mediums, whereby you can now target a particular location for your ads. Using a .DENTAL domain for your online website will to a lot in making sure your adverts are more effective.

For dental products manufacturers

Dental products manufacturers that buy a .DENTAL domain for their business website will have much impact online that does without it. The extension creates an avenue to easily differentiate your product type and attract the right set of buyers for your product.

For dentist magazine and media

Dentist as a profession as its own celebrities just like in any profession. It is the job if magazines and news outlets meant for medically inclined folks to bring this celebrity to limelight.

A dentist related media can enjoy the use of the .DENTAL ending for its business as it’s already a proper introduction to what the media is about.

For dentist related job portals

Dentist jobs sites can make use of the .DENTAL zone for it job portals to build a perfect and genuine community where dentist recruitments agencies can post jobs and interested dentist can apply for this jobs and gain employment.

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