For Indian songs and movie download

Downloading free, legal and non copyrighted contents from your website could easily gain you massive traffic. Bollywood is the second largest producer of movies in the world. So there are always new contents to fill your website with. And same goes for music. Show that your download portal is solely into downloads of Indian productions when you buy a .DESI domain for your website.

For India entertainment and news media

Show that your media is dedicated to Indian audience with registration of a .DESI domain for your website. Using the domain name will help to attract Indian audience your content is aimed at in the first instance. Using the domain itself, is like adding India flag to your website name.

For Indian Porn website

The India homemade porn industry is a fast growing one and a lot of new website dedicated to this genre of porn is being created every day. Before the scene become saturated or monopolized by some key websites, it is better to create your Indian porn site now. This also applies to already established websites also. The first step to be part of this very fresh business opportunity is to own a .DESI domain name. The .DESI domain will properly place the business as an India content related website.

For replacing the .IN ccTLD

The .DESI domain name could also serve as a perfect replacement for the .IN ccTLD in case your choice website name is already taken. The DESI extension is represent the India community so if your content is aimed at Indian audiences, then the .DESI ending can also serve the same purpose as a .IN domain extension.

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