- Steam is one of the largest digital distribution services on the world. They deal with distribution of films, music and computer games, which is used by over 120million people.
- Over 50million users are currently subscribed to the paid music streaming service Spotify.
- 1 million readers have a paid subscription to the digital version of The New York Times.

For online media

Register the .DIGITAL domain and create an online version of your publication. Talk about the latest and trending topics across various fields such as; Economics, politics, technology, sports and other spheres of life.

For sites with digital distribution

Since a large number of people now have a smart phone, people rarely prefer to get there publications physically. So register a domain name with the .DIGITAL ending and offer millions of Internet users around the world digital content e.g. movies, music and games.

For SMM-agencies

Social media marketing has come a long way since the success of Facebook, Twitter and other platform. So having a social media management agency could be a very lucrative business. As a new business or even old one, being in vogue with the latest happenings in your field is a must. With the release of the .DIGITAL domain come with the responsibility of you upgrading by buying a .DIGITAL domain for your website. Find new customers and promote their business projects on social networks with your domain name.


For what is suitable?
  • Audio & Video
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