Engineers are the brains behind any solid construction around us. Without engineers we can’t have automobile, electricity, good roads, complex housing etc. So the importance of engineers can never be under stated in any ways possible. And this is why they have their own domain extensions (.ENGINEERING, .ENGINEER).

For engineering firms

Engineering firms are the ones in charge of most big project you see in your community. Such project range from road construction, to power grid construction. Using a .ENGINEERING zone to register an engineering firms domain name will only add more prestige to it.

For Engineering colleges

Technical schools are dedicated to teaching everything that is to be known about engineering. Using a .ENGINEERING domain for your technical or engineering school page will help to make it clear that your institutions only offers engineering related courses and nothing else.

For engineering governing bodies

It is customary for any professional job type to have a body that makes rules and keeps it in check. Same goes for engineering. Buying a .ENGINEERING domain extension for the board website will fit perfectly well.

For engineering related academic projects

Are you working on an engineering related academic project and you will like to document every moment of your journey online for people to learn from it and maybe give their own insight and opinion, then you should buy a .ENGINEERING ending for your website. This way you will surely attract the right set of minds to your projects.

For what is suitable?
  • Professional
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