The word “equipment” covers a large range of field, so it can be used by any company that deals in making, sales, or use of any type of equipment of gadget.

For earth moving equipment manufacturers

If your company deals in the design and manufacturing of earth moving heavy duty equipment, using the .EQUIPMENT domain for your business website to display your product for potential investors, buyers and users to see will be a very good investment for your business.

The domain name is a very unique one and depending on how crafty you are, it could be the perfect avenue for you to pick a very good and more memorable name for your business website.

For gadget stores

Stores like home depot that's deals in the sales of heavy duty equipment and gadgets could also make use of the. .EQUIPMENT domain for their online store. That's way your store is easily differentiates from every other type of online store. This way you will only be getting target customers who are most likely ready to buy.

For what is suitable?
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