For real estate agency

Owners of real estate agency can easily buy the .ESTATE domain name for their business website. The domain shows that your business is involved in estates and properties. It will be a perfect introduction for your business.

For property listing websites

Property listing website can also enjoy the use of the .ESTATE domain extension for it website. A property listing website will be a place for people interested in renting or purchasing an estate to meet up and drum up businesses. The domain extension will surely go a long way to properly align the listing website with real estate properties.

For private owners of large estates

Does your family or business own a large estate property? Then you could easily document every last one of the properties on special website created with a .ESTATE domain. The domain will serve as a perfect ending for your estate website since it is very likely that the word estate is already included in the full naming of your property collections.

For what is suitable?
  • Real Estate
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