For money exchangers

Money exchanges companies can bring their business online with the buying of a .EXCHANGE domain for the business website. This website will make it possible for potential customers to easily find their location and contacts information online. Also they could publish up to date currency exchange rate on this website and customers would know what they are getting before coming in.

For forex brokers

The full meaning of forex is foreign exchange. A forex broker using the .EXCHANGE domain for it website will stand out in term of branding than it fellow competitors. This way you will be a leader to attract new customer easily even if you are offering the exact same service offered by your competitors.

For online e-currency sellers and exchangers

Online e currency exchangers can also make use of the .EXCHANGE domain since they deal majorly in the exchange of one form of money to another form. They literally exchange physical cash to electronic money that could be use online for various purchasing of goods and services.

For an online educational community or forum

The main aim of any educational forum or community is to share ideas and exchange thought on various subject of interest. So for the forum to function properly ideas must be exchanged, questions must be asked in other for answers to be gotten. This totally makes a forum perfect for the use of a .EXCHANGE extension.

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