For farms

Showcase your farm land online along with what you are into on your farm land. That way you will be creating awareness towards your business. And awareness leads to access to potential clients which in turns leads to more sales for you when the time comes. Using a .FARM domain for your farm seems like the most appropriate thing to do in that case.

For a Farmer's personal webpage

Being a farmer doesn't mean you shouldn't tap into the online world. You sure will be surprised at the amount of possibilities awaiting you in that world. A website dedicated to your farming practice registered with a .FARM domain zone will help you gather interest and maybe investors also if you are that good.

For farm produce stores

The world has moved to convince shopping and delivery. Farming should not also be least behind in this latest development. People now want to order everything online and get it delivered to their door steps without moving a muscle. This is why stores into sales of fresh or stored farm product should capitalize on the goodness of the internet. To start with it is always better to buy a .FARM domain name for your stores as it a farm produce store.


For farming equipment sellers

Sales of farming equipment and machinery as made some companies billions of dollars. Displaying your products on your business website will allow you to connect with potential buyers, get access to their information ones they subscribe to an update from your newsletter. You can also make use of the .FARM extension for your business page since you are well associated with farming.

For what is suitable?
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