The .FISH domain extension will help restaurants, fishing companies and amateur fishermen to better define their activities on the Web.

For fishermen and fish mongers

Using a .FISH domain extension to register your fish sales shop or store is the perfect bait for potential client. When any one sees a website with it name ending in .FISH, it clearly states that this website is all about fish even before you click it. So this means anybody visiting truly means business.

For rare fish collectors

Collecting rare fish species either for study or entertainment purpose has become a hobby some people have come to really enjoy. Display all you beautiful collection of fishes on your online gallery for the admiration of people. Buying a .FISH domain name for such website will only add more uniqueness to your endeavor.

For fish restaurant

Does your restaurant specialize in the cooking of all sort of fish based delicacy? Then tell the world about your business through your website using a .FISH domain ending which your business identifies with.

For fish farm

Fish farming is an highly lucrative business endeavor. If you are a fish farmer, then you need to put the word out there through your website that you have fish for sale and drive up the buyer pressure for your harvest. Buying a .FISH for your website will make it easy for you to pick a memorable name for your website.

Fun facts

- According to The Science magazine, about 2,000,000,000 tons of fish live in the world's oceans.

- Seas and oceans are a valuable source of food for people.

For what is suitable?
  • Food & Drink
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