For ticketing agent

People tend to travel in and out the country a lot, and as a ticketing agent, you can make use of the domain name .FLIGHT to reach out to potential clients and also use the medium to advertise your business. With this, you get more people to buy ticket from you and also, your advertisement will stand out when you make use of the .FLIGHT domain name.

For Flight school

Many people want to attend flight schools but they do not know which one to attend, why don’t you make it easier for them to get across to you? You can do this by making use of the .FLIGHT domain extension to build a website and fill it with information that are helpful such as; admission process, fees, resumption date etc

For travel agency

Travel agency are in charge of booking flight as well as securing visa for various people. The business is a very lucrative one since people tend to travel a lot. Since your business is all about flights and visa processing, buying a .FLIGHT domain ending is a nice way to easy sync your business with the air travel and touring industry.

For what is suitable?
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Services
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