For horticultural garden website

Planting beautiful flowers and ornamental crops to beautify an environment, usually a garden is something worth paying to see. And this is why we have different horticultural spot all over the world.

A website dedicated to any of this garden type could easily make use of the .FLORIST domain for it website. The domain name goes well with the overall composition of the establishment.

For landscaping companies

Landscaping companies can make use of the .FLORIST domain extension for their business website simply because there work mostly involves being creative with ornamental plants and flowers arrangements.

For flowers shops

Online flowers stores should definitely be the first business to buy a .FLORIST domain ending for their website. Nothing say "we sell flowers here" than a .FLORIST domain ending for such store. The use of this domain name by flower store will help to further improve the selling rate experienced by the stores as anybody visiting the store is doing so with the sole purpose of purchasing a flower or just checking for future purchases.

For florist

A florist that is very proud of his or her profession should definitely have a website dedicated to showcasing what florist do. This will help people further understand the work of florist and also inspire other people to take up this profession. It will also be an avenue for you to teach and also consult on every aspect involving flowers and ornamental plants.

For what is suitable?
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