For business investors and venture funds

Providing funding to businesses can make you and the business really rich on the long run. The business doesn't have to be a new one or an old business. A business with vision and potential with the right set of leaders should be part of the core criteria any investor must pick before funding such business. If you have some money laying somewhere without much use for it, why not put it to work for you, by investing it. Even if you don't have a business in mind yet, you can always make this businesses come to you. Just create a website using a .FUND domain and state your intention on the site. You will be surprised at the amount of businesses that will reach out to you.

For donations and fundraising

Raising fund for a cause could be difficult if you are not harmed with the right kind of tools for the job. The first thing you must consider is the audience you are reaching out to. If you can't connect with your audience on the deepest level it might be very hard for you to receive any donation from them. This is why you have to really put in all the work required to achieve this. If your focus audience are online, then you must do all you can to grab their attention. Buying a .FUND domain for your donation website would also help the cause, as it is very obvious you are not trying to cut corners of cajole them out of their money. You are showing how much your cause really means to you and you don't need time wasters that are not really ready to fund you.

For college funds website

It is never too early to start saving up for college, the earlier the better. You could start your own college fund savings online through contributions from different people online. This is a great way for people without funding and really wants to go to college to have a short at it. Create a website and state your aim, purpose, details etc. You might be lucky to connect with someone willing to help you through that alone. Creating such website with a .FUND domain name will allow you to be creative with the naming and also an avenue to attract well meaning people in the first instance. The .FUND extension could also be used for website teaching people about college fund investment plans, and different ways to achieve a solid college payment plans.

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