Pictures, sculptures, installations, performances. These are things that inspire people around the world. If art holds a significant portion of your life and interest, then the .GALLERY domain was created for you. With your website you get to share your work, talk about visited exhibitions and communicate with other connoisseurs of this field.

For artists and sculptors

No matter how good you are with your artwork, you still need to showcase it to the world, to get all the recognition you need. When you buy a .GALLERY domain to create your own gallery, where you display your work, you amplify the number of people that sees your work which includes potential buyers.

For art galleries and museums

Art galleries and museums are considers tourist points. Since most people will like to have a sneak peek at what the gallery contain before they even visit. Having a website will help a lot towards attracting these new visitors. You also get to add announcements of interesting exhibitions and events that are to take place at your gallery.

For art schools

Upload photos of selected works to the site and attract new students with your .GALLERY name.

Fun Facts

- In one of the largest art galleries in the world; the Hermitage, over 3 million artworks are kept.

- The Louvre Museum is visited annually by more than 9 million people.

For what is suitable?
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