For glass mobile screen protector producers

Manufacturers of glass screen protector can make use of the .GLASS domain name for their business website since they ready deal in glass products. The domain name will provide the company with opportunity to add glass to their website name without having to be obnoxious about it. Buying the .GLASS domain is good PR for such company.

For security related companies

Glass serves as a form of protection again something in most cases. This could easily be transformed to a sense of security. Buying the .GLASS domain for your security firm will go well to create that sense of protection your company image solely rest upon to succeed. Plus the domain name gives you the opportunity to engage more people with your unique approach of creating your online presence, since people are tired of seeing the same thing every day.

For domain hack purposes

If your company name contains the word glass or it is the word glass. In that case the .GLASS will be a perfect name for your website, as it allows you to be very creative with choosing your name. Example can be found in the case of "www.designby.glass" a digital design studio. The domain name allows them to be very creative in picking the right and highly memorable domain name.

For raw glass manufacturers and manipulators

If your company deals in the production of glass products such as mirrors widows, windshields etc then you should make sure to buy a .GLASS domain ending for your business website. Buying the domain name is the best way to get the job done and you can always put every glass product you are creating on one website easily.

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