It is generally known fact that, everyone knows another person who need help solving a particular problem. So helping each other will surely make the world a better and safe place. A .HELP domain will only help speed up the process of making that dream a reality.

For Charity Organization

The main function and aim of charity organization is to connect people that want to help, with those who need help. Using all the tools available at your disposal such as a .HELP domain for your website, will make it easy to connect this two parties.


For Counseling and advice service website.

Give all the counsel and advice you can bestow upon everyone in need of them from every corner of the world, through your website registered with a .HELP zone.

For the FAQ section of any website

Make it very easy for your product and service uses to identify your FAQ page when you buy a .HELP domain name for the page.

For Fund raising projects

Are you interested or moved by a particular cause, but you don’t have the financial capability? Create awareness for such cause and raise funds online aimed towards this project of yours using a .HELP ending for your website.

For what is suitable?
  • Educational
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