The abbreviation HIV stands for human immunodeficiency Virus. A .HIV domain will further increase the level of awareness for this infection and further reduce the amount of infections and death recorded from it.

For Counseling center website

Let people seeking information about the virus easily find all they need when they reach out to your center through emails or other contacts forms listed on your website with a .HIV domain.

For HIV testing and prevention kit online store

Let it be known through you .HIV domain name that your store only deals in sales of HIV related kits and nothing else.

For Personal HIV patient blog

Tell the whole world your HIV story and let people seek comfort from the fact that you are even doing okay even after being infected. Registering a .HIV domain name for the blog makes your story even more intriguing and will sure grab the attention of larger audiences.

For HIV forums and community

Create a community where HIV patients, information seekers and experts can safely come together and share various stories and get answers to some of the question bothering them. Using a .HIV ending for such forum will make it easy to find and create a better publicity for your ventures.

For what is suitable?
  • Descriptive
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