For resort and hotels

The significance of holiday is for people to travel out of their normal zone and explore other part of the world. Since most average people don’t

usually have houses of relative in every part of the world, then they have to stay in a hotel or resort centre. Helping people looking for the

perfect holiday adventures achieve it could be a perfect selling point for your business. Buying a .HOLIDAY domain for your holiday focused

website content will further help to boost the effect of the perfect holiday adventure you are trying to sell.

For online shopping stores

Holiday periods are meant to be time for discount and clearance sales by various stores. This is why using a .HOLIDAY domain during holiday

periods for your store will greatly draw the attention of holiday shoppers to your store, as it is expected that your products will be cheap during

this period.

For travel agencies

Help people arrange their visas and book ticket for them so they can have the adventurous holiday they so much deserve. Buying a

.HOLIDAY domain name for your travel agency website will point out that you are really dedicated to making sure your clients have the best

holiday of their life. And also it signifies that you are not just new to the business.

For website dedicated to a particular holiday

You could have your own website telling the history of how a particular holiday came into existence. And the significance of that holiday. You

could also sell products pertaining to that holiday on your website registered with a .HOLIDAY zone.

For what is suitable?
  • Travel & Tourism
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