For freight and haulage companies

For companies that deal in moving goods and products between countries via sea or air, can boldly show that they are not limited to local shipping alone when they buy a .INTERNATIONAL domain name for they business website.

For educational institutions

Show that your institution welcome international students when you create a webpage dedicated to providing international student with all the information they need to gain admission into your institutions. Buying a .INTERNATIONAL ending for this page will make it easy to locate.

For business website

Buy a .INTERNATIONAL extension for your business website to show that you are international. And not restricted to just a fixed location.

For job listing portal

Having job across major countries listed on your portal will attract a much wider range of site users. Thereby leading to more revenue for your business. Buy a .INTERNATIONAL domain name for your portal now instead of having to buy the national domain extension of each of this country. That way you save money and you can expand your business reach at any point in time.

For what is suitable?
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