- According to Forbes, the largest investment company is the financial conglomerate Fannie Mae, which has assets worth $ 3.248 trillion.
.INVESTMENTS is a specialized domain for investment companies and individual investors wishing to obtain a domain name that reflects that field of activity.

For venture funds and angel investors

New businesses are always coming up daily and majority of them usually need funding to get things started. And it is at that point the angel investors get to swoop in and project the new business into unimaginable heights. And if the business turns out to be a multimillion one, everyone wins.
So making sure that new businesses are able to reach you easily is a thing of priority.
So when you buy a .INVESTMENT domain name for your company, you are already signaling to any potential startup what your business is about even before they decide to check out your website.

For credit and mortgage organizations

Offer loans and other services to your customers with the most favorable terms Through your website registered with a .INVESTMENTS domain.

For specialized online publications

Write and share your views on the latest happenings, write breaking news, interview top executive in finance and investment. From the comfort of your website with a .INVESTMENT domain name.

For high yield investment programs and MLM.

Most people like the thrill of making fast money with the least amount of work. Even though most of this program don’t last the test of time, yours might just be the exceptional one. As you might have being told, presentation is everything. So starting out your business with a .INVESTMENT domain will surely get you the first impression you need.

For what is suitable?
  • Financial
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