- The monthly audience of the multiplayer game Agar.io is more than 30 million users.
The .IO domain was originally intended for residents of British territory island along the Indian Ocean, but gained popularity due to the fact that the abbreviation "IO" can be interpreted to also mean "input-output" or "internet organization". That's why this domain name has being a favorite for various technology companies and start-ups.  

For sellers of computer equipment

Reach a maximum number of potential customers for your tech products from your website. All you need to get started is to buy a .IO domain name.

For start-ups

Develop new products, offer innovative ideas and attract investments through your website with a .IO domain name.

For the media

Let it be known with your business is directed at the tech industry with a .IO domain registration. That way anybody subscribing to your outlet will know what they sign up for.


For what is suitable?
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