- The capital of Ireland is Dublin. A quarter of the population of the whole country lives in the city.
Ireland is a state in Northern Europe, a member of the European Union.
 Registration of .IRISH domains is available not only to Irish, but to all fans of the Irish culture.  

For restaurants and pubs

Ireland is famous for its whiskey, and with the help of the domain name .IRISH you can easily attract locals to your joint.

For fans of Irish culture

The Irish culture is a celebrated culture that attracts people from all over the world. It is no coincidence that the originally Irish holiday of St. Patrick's Day became popular all over the world from Argentina to Russia.
So you show your support for this culture when you register a .IRISH domain name for sure website.

For travel agencies

Bring more customers to your company using the .IRISH domain for your website.
You get to make arrangement for people wishing to visit Ireland through your site by using the .IRISH domain name. Such arrangements may include flight booking, hotel booking, chauffeur, etc.

For business

A site with the .IRISH domain will tell local residents, the search engines and other online business directories where you are based. It is also an avenue to connect with the local resident of Ireland.

For bloggers

You get to feed us firsthand information about happenings, major news and gist   about the city. And maybe some interesting places and food foreign visitors should give a try with pictures and videos.

For what is suitable?
  • Regional
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