For farmers

Farmers are the back bone of any nation. Simply because, without food no one can survive. As the world is currently internet driven, not having a website where people can see your farm produce and probably make purchase will only lead to you losing potential large investors. A .LAND domain will surely look good for a farmer website.

For real-estate agencies

When you hear the word real estate, what comes to mind is landed properties. Using a .LAND domain for your real estate business will further enact this notion in people’s mind which makes your business more unique and memorable.

For property valuer

Do you determine the value of landed properties for clients? If you are that confident in your skills and with your customer satisfaction rate. Then you need to buy a .LAND domain name and create a website for your business. Featuring various customer testimonies and past valuations.

For commercial developers

Show that you mean business and you have all the tools to be relevant in this internet age such a responsive business website, customized emails addresses along with a .LAND ending for uniqueness purpose.

For what is suitable?
  • Real Estate
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