The support for the LGBT community has being on the rise in recent times and a lot of medium are being created to aid the community in it moving forward. A perfect example of these helpers is the .LGBT domain.

For LGBT Community forums

A forum is a perfect place for people with similar interest to come together and share their thought on the topic that connects them together. The LGBT community forum could easily make use of the .LGBT domain for it forums. The forum will be a safe place to ask questions that people would normally ask each other face to face and get the appropriate answer from experts.

For LGBT advocacy and campaign websites

Any advocate or campaign website that is LGBT related could also benefit from the use of the .LGBT ending for it website. The domain name will properly align the campaign with the community perfectly and it will also make it easy to identify such a website online.

For HIV and Aids related websites

The LGBT community is considered the most at risk group of people when it comes to spread of the HIV virus. So it is paramount that the community is well educated when it comes to the spread of this virus. Any educational blog or website focused on the teaching of HIV related subject could easily make use of the .LGBT zone for its website.

For LGBT porn sites

Porn sites that a meant for people with same sexual partner preference in other words the LGBT community could also make use the .LGBT domain name for it website. This will make it possible for the website to attract the right set of people to it website, and the website will be quickly differentiated from the rest.

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