For life coaches

Life coaches are meant to help people walk the right parts towards the achievement if their goals and dreams in life. If you are a life coach you should buy a .LIFE domain name for your business website where you get to promote your life coaching business. And also get to attract new clients to your business.

For nature related businesses and websites

Business and websites that focus on nature, such as a zoological or botanical garden or games reserves could easily buy a .LIFE extension for their website and make a greater website from it. The domain name will connect them with the core of what the enter practice of their business is focused on, "life". What other way is better to show how connected you are to nature than with a .LIFE name for your website?

For life insurance business website

Life insurance companies can buy the .LIFE domain ending for their website since it is very possible that their business name is ending with the word “LIFE “in the first Instance. So using a .LIFE domain will only add more attraction and intrigue to the website.

For life saving related charity and fundraising website

Organization that arranges donation to causes that could save life of plants or animals could make the official website of the campaign end with a .LIFE domain name. Since it fit perfectly into the whole plan and goals.

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