-The fictional book "Harry Potter Limited Edition" was released, with just 3,000 copies in circulation.The price of one set was $552.  
- A limited edition of the computer game Civilization VI came out with 20000 in circulation, and was immediately sold out by fans and collectors.
Use the .LIMITED domain for your webpage to underline the uniqueness of the products that you sell.

For online stores with exclusive products

Since your store is into sales of luxury and high end exclusive products. Using a site with the .LIMITED domain ending as the main sales gallery for such goods will further add that value the product is meant to command.  


For companies with limited liability

Thanks to the .LIMITED you can easily and elegantly indicate the form of ownership of your business is practicing.


For companies whose names contain the word limited

Using a domain name ending that is already included in your business name will allow for a shorter and concise name.
So if that applies to you, buy a .LIMITED domain.


For what is suitable?
  • Businesses
Already have a website? Register a second name in .limited zone
  •   Many free beautiful names
  •   More target audience
  •   Attracts attention