- Over 15million people watch the daily broadcast on TWITCH.TV service.
Twitch, Periscope, Instagram - millions of people use these applications and sites to view and create live broadcasts.
 By using the .LIVE domain name, you can create your own site for broadcasting, which will compete even with large and well-known services.

For educational institutions with distance learning

Conduct classes online and train students, even if they are at different places and time zone in different parts of the world, from the comfort of your .LIVE website.


For musician, DJ, and producer

Start live broadcasts of rehearsals, concerts, interviews, and studio sessions. And communicate with fans and find new fans through your website. Since you will be broadcasting live, registering a .LIVE domain name would work better than a normal generic one.


For TV channels

It is much more important for a TV station to also have an online presence in this internet driven age. Not doing so is like leaving a large chunk of money on the table. The .LIVE domain will be a good way for TV channel owners to reach out to the internet based audience.


For what is suitable?
  • Media & Music
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